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Foundation Repair

Foundation cracks can be caused by different issues and understanding those issues will determine the exact method of repair. You will begin seeing cracks in walls because either the building or structure has settled or because the walls themselves are overloaded. Vertical cracks are typically caused by settling while horizontal cracks are most likely caused by horizontal stress or compression.

No matter what the cause, proper diagnoses of the cause of your foundation wall crack(s) is key to providing the best repair method. At 3 Rivers Waterproofing, our years of experience and expert knowledge in foundation cracks, allows us to properly determine the best course of action whether that be crack injection of an epoxy resin or a polyurethane resin. And in some instances, depending on what’s caused the crack(s), The Reinforcer or wall anchors may be required to prevent any further damage and cracking.

In some cases, the lack of water can cause more damage than home owners think. In dry seasons, home owners may think a crack is not damaging because there is no water leaking into the basement, however this could be because of a ‘dry season’. In any instance, hydrostatic pressure can build up behind a typical stable wall, and move the wall. This hydrostatic pressure can lead to cracks, which do not leak until wet conditions allow outside water to find it’s way into the basement.

Knowing this, it’s important to contact 3 Rivers Waterproofing to get a FREE EXPERT EVALUATION of any new cracks you see in your basement or foundation walls or floors.

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